Bali Safest Driver  Full Day Tours Packages Bali  are packages that we have designed for you to enjoy various interesting sights on the island of Bali. The tours are around 10 to 11 hours duration. Enjoy a full day tour package with one of our professional Bali drivers.  During the tours experience amazing and interesting places.  Please see below for our best Full Day Tours packages.  We created these packages after much research as to which site is the most beautiful and perfect to visit during your holiday on the island of Bali.  Our Balinese english speaking drivers have been trained to be totally familiar with all the tourist destinations. They are able to assist you with  suggestions as to which sites are the best to visit according to your personal preferences.  The driver will always be ready to answer all your questions. During the one day trip the itinerary is flexible, so if you don’t like the places we visit we can skip these and we will replace with other  suitable sites.  We choose our  Full Day Tours Package to make your holiday a meaningful and memorable one.  We will keep updating our Full Day Tour Packages with interesting places to visit in one day as they come to our attention.