Best Temples for Spiritual Self-Cleaning in Bali

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Best temples for spiritual The majority of Hindus in Bali, who have very strong religious beliefs, have various procedures to be able to connect spiritually with God. This includes the belief of cleaning self in a physical and spiritual way. The process of this Hindus  cleaning self have a procedure called melukat or meruwat. There […]


Beautiful Beach like a Private One in Karangasem Bali

Beautiful beach

Beautiful beaches in Bali are not only Kuta Beach. There are still others like the Virgin Beach of Karangasem which also has immeasurable beauty. The beauty of Virgin Beach is still natural so it is appropriate if tourists are interested in coming. Not only the natural nature, the location of Virgin Beach is also hidden […]


Menjangan Island, the Perfect Real Paradise in West Bali

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Bali is not only about Kuta and Sanur beach. In the West Bali region there is a place that will amaze tourist at first glance. It is named Menjangan Island. It is said that this one island is the perfect definition of the beauty of the underwater panorama with a stretch of pristine white sand […]


Indonesia as One Of The 10 Best Countries To Visit


Indonesia was awarded the Top 10 Best Countries to Visit in 2019 from Lonely Planet. Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, received the award directly from Ali Teeman as Client Solution Director Lonely Planet at the Wonderful Indonesia booth at the 2018 London World Travel Market (WTM) on Tuesday (6/11). Yahya said, this award became recognition […]


No More Plastic Bags at Store in Denpasar 2019

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The government of Denpasar City has announced that it will be prohibiting the use of plastic bags at stores starting in 2019. According to the Mayor Rai Mantra. this prohibition is under Denpasar Mayor Regulation No. 36 of 2018 Concerning the Reduction of the Use of Plastic Bags. The stoppage of plastic bag use will […]


Makepung: Buffalo Race Final Cup In Bali 2018


Makepung is the name of the main grand prix in Jembrana, West Bali, which features buffalo racing. Hundreds of pairs of buffs were joined together with their jockeys. They ride traditional wooden beams which are slightly modified for competition. The racer of buffaloes, or kerbau pepadu, compete in various open race circuits in assorted heats. […]


Bali Swing : Swinging With Spectacular High

bali swing

Ever thought of swinging over an abyss with spectacular high? Thrilling feelings and adrenaline rush are all you get if you try Bali Swing. Only two hours to get to Ubud from Denpasar to get this new game in Bali. Not all visitors know this attraction because it’s really new. This is an exciting game […]


Kasna Garden : Edelweiss From Bali


Edelweiss is located in Temukus village, Karangasem, nearby the great temple of Besakih. The village is located at an altitude of 1.150 meters above sea level, so that the air is cool and tends to be cold, sometimes it fog comes down. Kasna flowers can only grow in Temukus village, they cannot be found anywhere […]


Bali Governor to Close Illegal Chinese Shops

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Bali Governor to Close Illegal Chinese Shops, Without Worries About Impact on Tourism Governor Bali, Wayan Koster, has instructed municipal police to shut down illegal Chinese shops and says he doesn’t worry if this affects Bali’s tourism. The subject of “zero dollar tourism” has been a hot topic since Koster took office this year after […]


Balinese Snacks for Souvenirs

Balinese Snacks

Here is a typical Bali snacks are sweet, savory, spicy and sour … Lots of souvenirs and Balinese snacks that you can buy at souvenir shops or in traditional markets. If you don’t know what items or snacks are typical of Bali, here we give a recommendation for a typical Balinese snacks for souvenirs. Milk […]